Tryout Information

Sunday, November 17, 2019 - RMU

- 12u & 14u           6:00 PM
- 16u & 18u           7:00 PM

ONLY NEW Players to Bulldawgz please fill out forms and hand them in at tryouts:

Registration Form

Code of Conduct Form

Consent to Treat Form

Here is what you can expect at tryouts:

Tryouts take place annually for all players, whether they are new to the organization or have played on our teams for several years. Our objective is to use the tryout process to identify the skill level of each player and place them on a team with players of similar skills. We want this experience for the kids to be positive and aim to put them at a level where they can learn, gain confidence and succeed. If they are placed at the wrong level, it can become frustrating not only for the kids, but the parents as well.

Generally speaking, we try to form a team of 8-10 skaters, plus a goalie. A couple things to keep in mind about that process:

• Our primary objective is to place kids on the right team for them, according to their skill level. The Committee consists of coaches and evaluators who have several years of experience in NAYRHL / PIRHL and will do their best to identify those groups of players with A, AA and AAA talent. We have also asked some coaches outside of our organization to help provide an added independent evaluation voice to the process.

• Returning players who may have played on a particular team or with friends in the previous year are not guaranteed to play on that same team or with those same friends this year.

• We will look to form teams based on the best available talent that we have and incorporate any direction on team composition. Our first priority is to form teams with our strongest talent, and fill out second, third, fourth, etc., teams as necessary. In the unlikely event that NAYRHL asks us to evenly distribute talent among our teams to assist with competitive balance within the league, we will do so.

The tryouts are over. What’s next?

The Bulldawgz will work to slot players according to their talent level and determine the number of teams we can form. It is not our objective to turn anyone away or “cut” someone from making a team. However, due to current NAYRHL rules, we cannot form a team with less than 8 skaters and a goalie. If we have enough skaters, a goalie, and a coach, we will put together a team. In the unfortunate circumstance that we do not have enough kids to form a team, we will talk to the parents and discuss options to recruit more kids to staff a full team. Our objective is to grow the love for the sport of inline hockey and we will do our best to work with you to find a place for your child to continue playing if we are unable to roster a full team.

A couple key dates to keep in mind:

• December 10: The Bulldawgz Coach or Team Manager will contact you via email to extend an offer to play on a team in the upcoming season and will provide payment instructions at that time.

• December 31: A $250 non-refundable commitment fee is required to reserve your child’s spot for the season. This commitment fee will be applied towards the full season league fees.

• February 1: The balance of the participation fee must be paid in full for your child(ren) to participate in the upcoming season. Total participation fees are $425 for NEW PLAYERS, $375 for RETURNING PLAYERS. For families with multiple children participating, or one child playing on more than one team, see our FAQ page.

- Checks made payable to: Bulldawgz
- Please mail all checks to:
c/o Keith Thurston
3484 Myrna Dr
Pittsburgh, PA 15241

An additional note on uniforms:

Current NAYRHL rules require all players to have matching home and away jerseys and matching pants. Jersey prices last year were $75 each, or $150 for the pair, the cost for pants was $75. Please keep in mind that any uniform costs must be paid in full, up-front before ordering. We will contact you to obtain sizing information and place orders once we have rosters finalized.

Used equipment and uniforms:
Yes, kids grow – and they grow fast. If you have an interest in selling or purchasing used equipment or uniforms, please contact Mike Smith at (412) 720-6962. It’s a great way to save money!!

Additional Tryout and Other General Information:

Please show up at your designated time for registration. Once that process is complete, kids will be asked to go to the locker rooms to change. To assist in the process, please have the registration forms completed so that you can bring with you at the time of tryouts.

• Those who played on Bulldawgz teams last year, please bring both home and away jerseys to tryouts.

• Full equipment is required for tryouts. This includes skates, helmet, mouth piece, shin pads, girdle/hip protectors, elbow pads, chest protector and gloves.

• Goalies – If you wish to be a goalie in the upcoming season, please bring your equipment with you and plan to dress accordingly.

• The NAYRHL season runs from April through June. Generally, two games are played back to back, usually each weekend. Occasionally the league will schedule multiple sets of games in one weekend if necessary. Additionally, there are rare occurrences where Friday games will be played as well.

• Playing Ice and Inline Hockey at the same time: Yes, there are kids that play both. As with any sport, there is an expected commitment to your teammates. While we have found that conflicts are generally minimal between Ice and Inline schedules, please talk to your coaches and parents of kids who have done both, to determine if playing overlapping seasons is workable for you.

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